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Geometric Shrink Plastic Jewelry by Anne Tranholm

Shrink plastic is a popular medium for jewelry making among artists. That is because you can draw something in a larger scale which then can be shrunk down into lovely jewelry pieces. Fellow Canadian, Anne Tranholm of Calgary, Alberta is one such artist. Her colorful shrink plastic jewelry are geometric in design. Her feature inspired pieces are subtler and still have her distinctive style.

Anne has been drawing and painting since she was a child. She explained , "Five years ago, I discovered shrink plastic and started designing shapes and trying out color combinations. I realized that the colors and shapes, which I had worked with in my art, could be applied to jewelry.

My jewelry design is derived from my interest in geometric shapes and nature. I like to see my jewelry as concentrations of my artwork, as pieces of wearable art."

Her unique pieces are indeed beautifully colored and outlined!

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  1. I love seeing a fellow Albertan doing so well! Hooray!

    Anne's pieces are very pretty. Her geometric designs pop out against that black chain and earring finding very nicely!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such an interesting medium! I saw some shrink plastic jewelry just recently and it looked fabulous! I am not so much into geometric shapes but I like the necklaces in the picture with all the colors :)


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