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How to Cut Memory Wire without Using Cutters

One way to ruin your flush cutters is to use them for cutting memory wire. I used big wire cutters and more recently bought memory wire cutters which are designed for the job. But there is another way as demonstrated by a Facet Jewelry instructor.

What she does is what we all never do with jump rings! That is to repeatedly bend the wire in the same plane using regular jewelry tools.  After a short while, the wire is so stressed, it becomes brittle and breaks!

I also prefer to make simple loops at the ends of memory wire coils as she does.  But you can buy round ball end caps for memory wire if you prefer a neat finish.

If you go with the round ball end caps,  I also recommend Super New Glue (not your regular super glue) which is liquid. Just add a drop inside the hole of the end cap and insert the wire. This is a quick setting and strong glue. (I love to use them for end caps for leather bracelets, too )

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  1. A good way to do it especially if you can't find your special cutters!

  2. Good tip! Needs strong hands but cutting is even harder :)

  3. People need to know about Super New Glue! It really is the best. (Among other things, I use a drop for endcaps on 5mm leather and none has even wobbled yet!)

    1. I know!! I have used it on end caps too. Lately, I have switched to Starbond which is even better - there are several types including the flexible kind which is suitable for leather etc.

  4. Ooh, cool! I see there are a few varieties of Starbond -- which do you use?


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