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Betsy Youngquist  is the Illinois based artist behind BYART.  She is an internationally renowned mixed media artist best known for her amazing sculptural bead mosaic sculptures. She "started applying beads to the surface of her watercolor paintings over twenty years ago."  But she also creates smaller designs such as her bead mosaic resin clay jewelry which are available on her Etsy store.

Her eye jewelry pieces are particularly stunning. The designs center on hand blown eyes "salvaged from the grounds of a German glass factory."  All her jewelry designs show her talent for color and detail.  Her design concept and choice of beads is what makes her designs so memorable. 

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  1. Amazing and detailed work!

    I can't decide though if the cats are great or creepy! Interesting conundrum. You look at them and they are so cute and then you look closer and you think...ummmmm.....

    I'm sure Betsy would be delighted to know she's stirred the beast with that one!

  2. The pieces with the eyes as well as the animal sculptures do have a live expression! Especially the first pair of earrings - they resemble faces! She is so talented!


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