One reader made me chuckle with her comment on last week's giveaway for Shades of Clay's latest Cabezel jewelry mold. Sue Duffy said, "Holy Cabezel Batman!" Those of us of a certain vintage will remember the cheesy "Holy..." exclamations of Batboy in the 1960's  Batman tv series. There is actually a long list of them. Holy Cabezel naturally isn't on the list but the Cabezels are certainly notable for their fun shapes.

Shellie also asked in her comment, "One of my challenges is that the pendant is very light (which is a good thing) but not heavy enough to "pull down" the cording. Any suggestions? That is an excellent point.  Here is what I recommend. Make the cabochons out of resin clay as I did with the micro beads pendants. Resin clay is heavier than polymer clay. Note that it is softer to work with than polymer clay. You have a few hours working time before it gets hard. Adding a metal bail will also add to the weight.

Wendy of Shades of Clay also added, "We have just re-written the instructions for using all of the different versions of the CaBezel molds. They are so much more extensive than the first set of instructions. They are in a downloadable pdf format this time. We will figure out a way to get them out there to anyone interested. We will be publishing them on Shades of Clay. "  You can also check their site for other instructional videos.

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries including those on the second post inviting international readers to enter.  Then I got the random number generator on to pick the winner. The winner is monicao_77!  Congratulations!
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