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How to Make a Wire Prong Setting for Small Stones and Crystals

Crystals are especially pretty so prong settings are best. That way the brilliance will not be obscured. I like this relatively easy wire prong setting tutorial by Nia over on She simply creates a star like shape for the back of the crystal. Great use of the broad nose pliers!

She doesn't mention what the wire gauge is. I reckon either 22 or 20 G.  I would also work harden the "star" part - by hammering carefully on a steel block - once the bail has been made.

The tutorial is in Russian. So either use Google Translate or follow my favorite method. For computer users, use the Chrome browser, right click and select translate to EnglishFor mobile device users, use the Chrome app (free) and agree to the translation when asked. 

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  1. Oh, this has several great tips, pinned it right away! Somewhere in the comments Nia said she believed the wire was 0.8 mm (20 G). BTW, I tried somethning similar with silver plated wire on a big stone but the wire was too hard to bend the tips of the zigzag structure - but maybe it was just that my hands are not too strong?

    1. I think the problem is the temper of the wire you used - perhaps it was half hard? You really need dead soft wire. And perhaps drop down to 21G .

    2. Yes, it was hard but this is what I can get here for the time being. As far as annealing (thanks to aims below) - is it safe for silver plated wire? Maybe I will have to find out for myself :)

    3. No, I would not anneal silver plated wire. You have to remove the firescale after annealing and that thin plating isn't going to survive.

  2. Great tutorial!

    Annealing the heavier wire would help even for weak hands!

    Looking forward to trying this one Pearl!

    1. Good suggestion, Aims! I forgot about annealing. But some people would not want to use the torch!!


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