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Use a Plastic Syringe as a Polymer Clay Extruder!

Often our budgets just don't accommodate buying tools. Perhaps because you are only starting out. Or if you are a teacher and you need a lot of the same tools. So improvising is a good thing. Mo Clay has a great tutorial on how to use a plastic syringe as a polymer clay extruder.

What is more, she also shows an easy way to make a colorful mosaic. She chose to just place a slab of the mosaic slices together onto a backing piece. But you could also cut out shapes!

Where to get syringes you ask?  You do not have to find a scientific supplier - many craft stores carry them as they are so useful.  Or you could buy 5 mL syringes online here.

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  1. What a great idea. What I missed was what she put in the bottom of the syringe...was it just a washer?

    I think if you buy these in bulk then you don't have to worry too much about cleaning them out for your next project. I'd be all in on that...

    1. Yes, she did put in a washer.

      Bulk! That is a splendid idea! What I like about this project is the ability to use up scrap clay.


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