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Statement Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry by Rozemasha

It is such a treat to come across a wire work jewelry designer who loves both statement pieces as well as lots and lots of gemstones. Rozemasha is a Russian wire work artist who does one of kind work.  Her pieces are often large and colorful and should really command higher prices that she asks!  She uses crystals as well as gemstones.

 The design above is called "Metropolis" - her take on the retrofuturism style.

Some of her designs are clearly art nouveau inspired like this one :

She also incorporates other materials including this etched copper focal :

Some of my favorite designs from her collection were her apple ones. This apple brooch is outstanding!

Rozwmasha sells in a Russian Marketplace. So to translate, either use Google Translate or follow my favorite method. For computer users, use the Chrome browser, right click and select translate to English. For mobile device users, use the Chrome app (free) and agree to the translation when asked.

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  1. Those are really cool. But also, if I could learn to do something even 25% as good, I could probably use up a lot of the odds and ends from my beading stash, like you know when you have 4 beads left over from another project. Also it would be good for using the colors I have acquired that are not ones I typically use. And I have some brass stampings that would work in designs like this. Lots of possibilities here!

  2. Wow! It's obvious she puts an incredible amount of work into each design.

    I've noticed that other countries use far more colour in their designs than we do in North America. We tend to be more monochromatic in our designs instead of revelling in the joy of all colours at once. I wonder what that says about us in comparison? :0)

  3. Her talent is amazing! These pieces are simply mesmerizing!

  4. Just WOW.. I dont know what else to say. Its evident that she has put a lot of thought and effort into every one of those works. Each one is epic.

  5. These are all so beautiful and original. Like everyone else said...WOW!


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