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Wire Loop Bracelet Tutorial Uses Different Sized Round Mandrels

Wire loops are a great way to make the foundation of wire jewelry designs.  From there you can wire in beads and gemstones.  This wire loop bracelet tutorial is by Karen Meador. What is interesting is how she used different sized round mandrels to create consistent loops.  She used very large Wubbers bail forming pliers as well as a ring mandrel.  These pliers and related 3 step ones really make the task faster. But if you do not have these, then use knitting needles, dowels or the ring mandrel.

Also note how this designer makes an integrated clasp. Neat!

The foundation loops for this design is more structured than those in the first link below.

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  1. You know - I've never considered using my ring mandrel for shaping loops. That's a brilliant tip!

    I really like her finished turquoise bracelet.

    I can see embellishing the loops as well with coils and wrapping. The possibilities are endless aren't they!

  2. I like using knitting needles as they are already sized. But I agree with the ring mandrel - it is perfect for larger loops.

  3. I have made wire loop brooches and attached the beads the same way but it never occurred to me to make a bracelet with consistent loops! This is a wonderful tutorial! And you're right - great clasp tip!


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