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5 Lovely Wire Wrapped Cabochon Ring Tutorials

Cabochons are not only for pendants!  You can indeed wire wrap smaller cabochons for rings.  Int his collection, the designer-instructors use different techniques to capture the stones. OxanaCrafts' copper wire woven cabochon ring tutorial can also be oxidized.

I also love her simpler looking design tutorial. She uses only 2 base wires compared to 3 in the above tutorial. It is a good idea to be generous when cutting wire - better too much than too little!

Oxanacrafts also did this tutorial which features a beautiful wire woven ring band.

This braided wire cabochon tutorial  by Christina of CSL Designs is another winner especially if you like open designs. A little tricky to get even braiding  with the thicker wire she uses.

Archidee has an advanced wire wrapped ring tutorial in English.  Just so you are not confused, she means half round wire when she says demiround wire. Half round wire sits better when wrapping on the foundation square wire.

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  1. thanks for putting these awesome tutorials together so we could see the variety.

  2. A skilful wire worker can make the wrapping around the stone look like fancy bezel wire - without the torch work!

    Gorgeous tutorials Pearl...

  3. I wish the video moved a little slower and not so jerky.
    The ring is beautiful and I love it.

    1. You can rewind the video and watch sections again! Just click on the video above and go to Youtube itself. Move the slider to adjust. Hope this helps, Em.


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