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This Fun Button Ring Tutorial Uses Thick Wire

Button rings are fun to make, especially if you stack 2-3 of them together.  I've made many myself but used only 20 G wire. Check out this Judy Freyer Thompson wire ring tutorial which uses thick wire - 14 G.

wire button ring tutorial

The thick wire means the ring is stronger for it. It is also hammered to work harden the ring. Bail forming pliers are great for forming the wire loops.

Another thing I noticed is how she finishes the wire ends.  She hammers them flat and then curls them on top of the flower bead combination. Neat!

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  1. I've got a stack of button boxes about three feet high. I'm sure I could find some unique old buttons to make a ring like this. Neat indeed Pearl!

    1. A lot of us seem to have button stashes but yours is enormous!! You should consider making more button jewelry.


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