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Using Lava Beads as an Essential Oil Diffuser | Easy Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet

I've seen unsealed polymer clay beads and pendants being used as diffusers for essential oils. But another alternative is the humble lava bead. These work because the volcanic rock is pitted with tiny cavities, making it porous.  So I checked out how well they work by first making this easy stretchy bracelet - the inspiration came from a student who came to one of my classes at Iguana Beads made a smaller scented version. You can make other designs too.

What I really wanted to do was to actually try out this idea myself.  When I added a single drop to one bead, I found that if you wait several minutes, the oil will eventually seep into the bead. For stronger scents, add one drop to more than one bead.

I could still smell the lavender oil on one bead after a week but it was much fainter by then. Essential oils are volatile oils so they evaporate quickly.  Different oils will probably last varying amounts of time.  And oils which have been around for a while would have oxidized somewhat so that would affect their fragrance.

What I liked about using clay or lava beads as diffusers is that the essential oils are not applied on the skin or on clothes. This allows the wearer to remove the jewelry especially when about people who are sensitive to scents - strong scents make them feel quite ill.  Easier to remove jewelry on the spot than having to take showers or change clothes!

Essential oils are very concentrated and complex extracts from plants so they should be used with caution and used as instructed!

Please obtain information from reputable evidence-based sources about the benefits of different kinds of essential oils. PubMed Health has a good article if you want to learn more.

Plant fragrances have been in use in healing practices for thousands of years. Some of the oils have been shown to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. You might like to read my past post on Cinnamon Oil, Thieves' Oil and Jewelry!

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  1. I've made aromatic ankle bracelets (not my idea) with just one lava bead as fragrance diffuser and noticed that lavender oil didn't last long but citronella oil was very strong and lasted for days. Also, some of the beads are polished and are useless, I even soaked them in water and lavender solution and it didn't work. The porous ones are the best.

    1. What a great idea to use citronella oil! Did you notice if it discouraged mosquitoes?

    2. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed a pronounced effect. But it was just one bead, you know. Here is the original idea

    3. I might still give the citronella idea a go and add it to several beads and see if they do deter mosquitoes. I react quite badly to their bites so it is worth a try.

  2. How interesting Pearl! Certainly worth a try!

  3. Very interesting. Glad I read the post 😜

  4. I began making and selling these this past holiday season. They were a huge hit and I am still taking orders today. I didn't supply the oils, everyone has their favorites. I use 5 lava stone beads per bracelet with the remaining beads gemstones, crystals, etc. Whatever my mind comes up with!

    1. I can see why you have a hit! People love the diffuser function.

  5. I am into aromatherapy as a hobbyist and tried to put little removable cotton pads in my beaded pods so that the oil is not in contact with the skin, because depending on the oil, they can be quite caustic. Unfortunately, the same is valid for the bead finishes: they got drastically altered by the oils. "Normal" glass, however, works well.
    If you want a lava bead to scent for a longer time, try to let the bead sit in a glass container during a couple of weeks with that one drop of oil on it, so that the lava gets soaked by the volatile components too. This is valid for pot pourri - you need to let it cure to be a durable one - so why not stones. With this method, less porous stones will also soak the oils up, and release the scent over a longer period of time, I think.


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