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Carry Your Own Homemade Lip Balm in a Locket!

Did you like the lava beads as an essential oil diffuser idea?  Then you might well like this clever locket idea which lets you carry your own homemade lip balm everywhere. No more fishing around in your handbag looking for an elusive tube of lip balm!  Lip balms are so essential in dry winter conditions.

This lip balm project is from Stampington and Company.  The instructor also includes tips on how to prepare the locket before use.  Looking for lockets?  Check out different kinds here.

I like the coconut oil and beeswax recipe tried.Fragrance oils or even honey can also be added as suggested.  If you are going to be using essential oils, do some research first.

Peppermint and lemon oils are popular for lip balms.  I think it is wise to use sparingly - you just want a hint. Note there are people who may find some essential oils an irritant.  I know someone who is allergic to lavender too!

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  1. Looks interesting. The only problem I see with this is, coconut oil will liquify at the warmer temps here in Texas and also, body heat could possibly make it start melting. I wouldn't want it to start melting and get all over me or my clothes. :(

    1. That is a good point. So maybe use beeswax only? There must be recipes for warm weather!

    2. I had the exact same thought. So from your response I assume that beeswax won't melt?? Will adding the oils and/or other scents, flavors lower the melting point? Maybe one of your readers can tell us.

    3. I think beeswax will be fine! I have little beeswax blocks I use for conditioning some beading threads and they are solid. A few drops of fragrance oil isn’t going to make much difference. I think a bit of experimentation with some coconut oil with beeswax will be worth doing. The coconut oil addition will make the lip balm easier to use.

  2. This is a cute idea for people with experience who know their product. Lip balm is a tricky thing - I've found one that works well for me and use it all the time. But I would like to try and make some of my own one day!


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