Be still, my beating heart!  That was my initial reaction when I spotted these gorgeous contemporary art alcohol ink and resin coasters by artist, Jane Monteith. Her tutorial shows how easy it is to create artistic pieces provided you use the right things! Jane lists all the products she uses in the info section of her videos. Also note that while these are home decor items, you could consider scaling down  to jewelry size pieces using smaller molds.

The first two tutorial is her tips on how to make alcohol ink artwork which is then cut out to fit the 4 inch square silicone mold. You can use alcohol inks on glossy paper or non-porous surfaces like shrink plastic or even dominos.  But a lot of artists use Yupo paper, a recyclable synthetic paper (100% polypropylene).  The ultra smooth and non-porous surface means wonderful effects are seen when the inks or paints dry.  Mistakes can also be wiped off with some wet paper or cloth so you can start afresh.

You can also make your own Yupo paper  alternative. See this tutorial.

I haven't found the 4 inch round molds. But Jane is right. The 4 inch square ones are available from Michaels!  I too recommend Art Resin for large projects like these rather than Little Windows' Brilliant Resin which is a doming resin as the former is available in larger, and more economical quantities.

I've tested out Art Resin before. It too is an excellent resin especially for canvases.  The two parts should be clear when you buy it.  Better shelf life than many brands.  But it generates a lot of bubbles during the reaction. So using a torch, as Jane does, is a necessity.  That is why I prefer Little Window's Brilliant Resin for jewelry applications as it is a low bubble producer. I avoid using the torch then. (Use this BG1516 Discount code for 15% OFF at Little Windows)

BTW Her Instagram is worth a look if you love her art style.

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