Laser cutters are increasingly being used by jewelry designers. One such group is the Italian artisans behind Mr Nico.  Theirs is a unique collection of laser cut and laser engraved geometric jewelry. They combine new technology with craftsmanship as each piece is hand finished and painted.

They are a very eco-minded group of people who live in the small seaside town of Fano in Italy.  They explained, "We believe in a sustainable life, that's why we love to grow our own veggies and use environmentally friendly materials where possible. Our wooden products are made with responsibly sourced wood, with near to zero waste."

Most of their designs come with an integrated display unit which also doubles as the storage container. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into each and every design.

They also make less common accessories such as collar tips and bow ties. And naturally, there are also laser cut wall mounted wooden necklace holders.  Very inspiring team!

Collar Tips

Collar Tip Collection

Laser Cut Wooden Necklace Holder

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