Oxanacrafts has a lovely wire wrap cabochon tutorial which is different from the typical ones I see. She wraps a small tear drop cabochon.  In some ways it is easier than the more usual round and oval cabochons. First, she only had to wrap the half round wire at the base. Usually there are at least 2 more wraps at the sides of the cabochons.

The cabochon is secured at the back with just the bending of the bottom wire of the bundle. Nice!

She also rose to the challenge of tackling all the wire ends - a little tricky since this is a small cabochon.

Twisted square wire is pretty! She does the twisting with just her pliers.  I prefer to do this with a pin vise - it is a useful yet inexpensive tool. See this tutorial for using 2 of them for twisting wire.

One tip -  use either a bail forming pliers or a knitting needle to form the bail. This instructor is very experienced so she makes it look easy with just her hands and her chain nose.  I agree with the instructor - keep the half round wire on the spool and cut exactly what you need.  Otherwise you will waste wire working with short lengths.

Making these wire wrapped bezels is best used with 20 or 21 G square wire and 21 or 22 G half round wire.  The wrapping is much easier as only flat sides of the wires contact each other.  You can use round wire but really, square and half round wires makes this much, much easier.

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