Ann Martin of All Things Paper creates some of the finest quilled paper jewelry designs and tutorials I have seen!  Her quilled paper flower pendant is simply gorgeous as it is made with metallic paper strips. This particular alternate side looping technique does not require tools, just careful folding of the paper strips.

She shares a number of tips including where to get the paper from.  Quilled paper is relatively robust in that several layers of paper are involved. You can also apply a matte varnish on the pieces for protection.  Ann advises, " I always tell recipients of my paper pendants and earrings to treat them as they would any fine jewelry : last thing on, first thing off, and never take them for a swim."

It's still a long way to next Christmas but you can also use this tutorial to make the design as snowflake ornaments nearer the time. I like her suggestion of cutting strips of your own from regular paper because the white paper is perfect for snowflakes.

Ann is also the author of The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry which I reviewed here.

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