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Using a Miter Box to Make Polymer Clay Slices

Jane Cox shared a brilliant idea on her Pinterest. She cuts thin polymer clay slices using a metal ruler and an inexpensive plastic miter box. The slots in the box ensures the blade comes down evenly.  Jane makes lovely canes as you can see from her Instagram and her Etsy.

The ruler comes in handy as it is a flat relatively smooth surface.  Jane uses a ruler with some sort of backing which will help prevent it from moving.

The Unruly Housewife demonstrates Jane's idea and shares some suggestions.

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  1. Ha! I was thinking the same thing, the other day. I have a small mitre box, and I'm starting to work with mokume gane. Great minds think alike! LOL!

    1. Yes, indeed! I would never have thought of a mitre box!

  2. What a brilliant idea! Slicing canes with some even consistency is really difficult.

    Watching the video has got me thinking of ways to deal with the problem of the cane shifting around.

    I can see that the rubber backed ruler would help but I also think maybe some double-sided tape to hold the ruler in place might help.

    I know my brain will keep working on this problem. I do have one of those mitre boxes but mine is the wider variety. Still - I think I can make it work.

    Thanks for sharing this Pearl. It's a brilliant idea!


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