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Art Nouveau Inspired Wire and Resin Earrings by KUKLAstudio

Remember my tutorial on how to make simple twisted wire flower earrings with nail polish and resin?  I was aiming for a stained glass effect.  Working with nail polish was relatively easy but as the nail polish suspensions were fragile, I covered the work with resin.  But you can work with colored resin too. However, it requires a lot more skill and artistic flair!!  This featured designer from Barcelona, Spain creates incredible art nouveau inspired wire and resin earrings!

She is Elitsa of KUKLAstudio.  Her work is nature inspired.  She describes her materials as wire and glass resins but the latter is not really glass but of the familiar acrylic kind.

Elitsa is skilled with the technique of filling the open spaces with resin.  But what makes her work so remarkable is her standout creative ability with wire. Watch her make one of her earrings on her speeded up video below  :

She photographs her earrings without the ear wires.  All the more charming when we can see how distinctive her designs are.  Many of her designs are asymmetrical. Her faces earrings are all one of a kind!

You can also see more on her Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. This is exquisite, beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh Wow! These are gorgeous!

    Talk about making me feel like my talents are totally inadequate! ......

  3. I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful wire and resin designs. You are amazing!!! I am a wire bender, but you have taken it to a place where it is a beautiful and creative art!!!

  4. Stunning work and unique technique! Such a talented artist! I think she might be Bulgarian (though living in Spain) or of Bulgarian origin. Elitsa is a very popular name in Bulgaria and "kukla" means doll :)


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