Have you seen these kinds of beaded wire mandalas?  They are often available as toys. The wire sculptures can be manipulated into different shapes.  I have actually seen someone wear a smaller version as a pendant and I have seen bracelets too. I think they could perhaps be great for fidgets who need to dispense some of their nervous energies! Here are some great tutorials on how to make wire mandalas.

First up is the tutorial by Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Handmade. Stainless steel is the recommended wire to use. It is a hardy wire which can stand up to the movements as the sculpture is manipulated.  You could use copper wire but you will need to hammer the components to work harden it.

There are  other tutorials which make essentially the same thing.  But instructors vary in how they demonstrate the construction. So if you don't quite get some of the steps in the above tutorial, try another like this one by Intorus with very clear instructions in English.

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for "circle".  This symbol for the universe has a deep spiritual meaning for Hinduism and Buddhism.   It is also used as a meditation aid. Watch this quick demo which explains what each pattern means.

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