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Tribal Inspired Polymer Clay and T Shirt Yarn Statement Jewelry by IKKX

Brussels based interior designer, Nao, loves bold jewelry.  She makes tribal inspired statement jewelry as you can see from her Etsy store, IKKX.  But what she uses is innovative.  She combines large and colorful polymer clay hoops with knitted t-shirt yarn.  She also strings polymer clay beads onto t-shirt yarn.  Some of her creations also include vintage Berber (North African) beads.

All her necklaces tie at the back. This means wearers can remove the polymer clay hoops or beads and wash the t-shirt parts. Neat!

Nao also accepts custom orders if people want particular colors and combinations. 

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  1. I love her look! I think big is beautiful!

    What a great idea using t-shirts! And that you can wash them! To me using fabric in a necklace is on the edge as it will absolutely get dirty from skin oils. And if you're me - you'll end up dropping food on it for sure...always.

    Her beads are fabulous - her look is fabulous! Great find Pearl!

    1. I totally love her bold approach and being able to easily clean the necklace part is brilliant!


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