Some of you were unfamiliar with Yoola Design's wire crochet or ISK (invisible spool knitting) technique and said so in last week's giveaway.  The looms really help create even stitches which are hard to achieve with wire. Once you learn it, this form of wire crochet - which does resemble Viking knit (see the difference here) -  is as relaxing and addictive as other techniques like kumihimo, knitting etc.

Yael said on her site : "It’s a known fact that repetitive hand movement while keeping the mind focused on what those hands are doing, will invite you to enter a state similar to meditation, and quiet the mind."Very soothing indeed.

Other readers have had a go and concur.  Meri said, " I have many of the tutorials but not yet the latter looms. All the tutorials are great, special the videos and Yael is always very quick to answer any questions she is very very nice."

You can try out her technique with just the loom set which comes with the draw plate and crochet hooks.  Yael provides the basic instructions there for you to practice.  Lorraine Gonda did do jus that. She said,   "I have been using the original set of smaller looms for close to 2 years and really enjoy this technique. Yael (Yoola) has very concise instructions for using the looms in her tutorials. These larger ones have been on my shopping list since Yoola had introduced them in her newsletter."

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking. The winner is Lhmao55!  Congratulations!  I do not have your contact number. So email me ASAP before next Monday to claim your prize.

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