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Have you noticed fewer people wear traditional timepieces these days- especially the younger folks?  They opt for activity trackers and smartwatches.  That is a shame as there are many lovely watches out there....probably sitting forlorn in drawers. So why not turn a watch into a necklace?

This idea comes from Allison Cooling of Quiet Lion.  She doesn't use the watch band.  She hangs the watch itself from a chain and then adds some wire frames with crystals and chains.

Or you could just use the timeless (pun intended!) Edwardian sautoir style (see example here) and add a tassel at one end of the watch.

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  1. This is a great idea for reusing some old watches

  2. That's a great idea. I prefer the look of these type of watches over the new ones by far. They are elegant as compared to utilitarian.

  3. I started wondering were did all those old watches go? Not that we had so many but this is a good idea to reuse them and they don't have to be working, too :)

    1. Well, my watches are in my bedside table drawer. So time (haha) to get them out.


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