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Cobblestone Inspired Beaded Pearl and Crystal Necklace Tutorial!

Bozic Art's beaded pearl and crystal necklace tutorial shows a stunning but easy design in neutral colors. As she varied the beads with smooth pearls and faceted glass beads, the piece does resemble cobblestones. In fact the designer actually called it the "Rock" necklace!

The design is based on a repeating pattern of square medallions.

This is a great pattern if you have odd pearls and round crystals left over too!

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  1. Easy is the key word for me because, no matter how beautiful bead weaving is, I don't have the time and dexterity to devote to it. But I make some sporadic experiments and this is something I would like to try out :)

    1. I recommend a pattern like this one which is not difficult and quick to do. What you don't want is a beadweaving pattern with many, many seedbeads!


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