Firing base metal clays like copper and bronze is tricky. With silver metal clay, you can even torch small pieces to get rid of the binder to be left with lovely fine silver designs.  Copper and bronze metal clay is notoriously difficult. The designs have to be kiln fired and even then, the firing schedule will require individual experimentation.

White Copper Earring Dangles

This is why I was delighted when I stumbled upon Cheryl's work in her store, Kiyoi Design on Etsy. She does all kinds of kiln work including her lovely raku pottery components.  But it is her unique rustic metal clay jewelry and components which really stands out.  All hand formed and kiln-fired in her Northern California studio.

Copper pieces drying before firing

She works mainly with copper and white copper metal clay. The latter has a little nickel in it to make it paler - these components may not be suitable for anyone with nickle allergy.  She also uses bronze and steel clays.

Bronze Cherry Blossom Multi-hole Components
Cheryl says "I have been an artist for years now, mostly watercolor and drawing but interested in all arts and different crafts." A friend of hers introduced her to precious metal clay and she was hooked!  She bought a kiln within the month!

Copper Celtic Components
She also said, "Being of Asian descent, a lot of my pieces have an Asian flavor to them. I love natural textures and fossils, tribal symbols, kanji symbols, and LOVE Japanese Crests Designs." Her shop logo is her family crest.

Steel Primitive Feathers Multi-hole Components

White Copper Tribal Multi-hole Components

Fleur de Shield Copper Multihole Components

Brilliant Blossoms White Copper Components

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