Have you ever noticed designing with odd numbers looks better than even numbers? Even numbers show symmetry. But odd numbers do make designs more aesthetically pleasing. I particularly love this simple but effective pretty wreath-like beaded jewelry tutorial by Sonysree Creations.

The repeating unit uses just three beads. One could envisage a cluster of 5 too!

Three is indeed a powerful and popular number. It appears in nature and is everywhere in our lives. Think about it. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The Three Musketeers.  The Holy Trinity. We make 3 wishes. And I direct you to 3 past posts at the bottom of every blog post!!

The rule of three concept used in various design disciplines, in writing,  the arts, in statistics and mathematics, aviation, computing and economics.  The rule of thirds in photography is yet a number example.

Remember the power of three the next time you design something!

And here is her full necklace tutorial :

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