Christine, the Portland, Oregon ceramic artist behind Beadfreaky says, "Nature and spirituality are what moves me."   Her designs feature not just trees, animals but also ancient symbols like the triskele or triskelion and earth or mother goddesses which were once symbols of fertility and reproduction. Also noteworthy is her meditative labyrinth bracelet component design.

She said, " I feel they represent all that can be missing in modern life: our connection to nature, our bodies, our families, the cycle of the seasons."  Her designs definitely appeals to those who share her sentiments!

Ceramic labyrinth bracelet connector
Christine makes not just pendants and charms. She has very large collections of ceramic buttons and bracelet connectors. Some of her work can be worn as essential oil diffusers as the backs of the pendants are unglazed.

Triskele Ceramic Bracelet Components

Ceramic Owl Bracelet Components

Ceramic dragonfly buttons

Ceramic horse buttons

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