Personalized name jewelry - or handwriting style wire jewelry is not easy.  I know, I have tried (see first link below)!  It takes lots of practice and a firm hand with harder and thicker wire (14 G).  I therefore greatly admire Californian, Lauren Bobowski of Lala Design Studio for her collection of both initial and name jewelry designs.  She uses thick wire and works with sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k gold filled wire.

Her most popular designs are her unique "Two Lovers™" collection where she combines two initials with a heart in the middle.  What a perfect gift for couples or special people!  Lauren takes custom orders and advises people to make sure the gifter's initial comes first before the heart.  Pretty obvious but that little fact has probably eluded some!

I also love how she beautifully finishes her work - some light hammering here and there.  She maintains her minimalist approach with integrated bracelet clasps.

Laura "has been an artist since the day she could hold a crayon. From painting and drawing at a very early age, working for a silver smith in high school, her education as a painter at Montserrat College of art, apprenticing with Master Jeweler Ali Athari of Incline Vi llage, to owner and creator of Lala Jewelry."

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