I actually have a set of micro wood engraving tools for the day when I will attempt simple carvings on wood or even tagua beads!  But I know it is a skill that will take time to master.  Then reader Aims sent me the link to Bram Ramon's video showing how he embellishes a Rolex Submariner watch.  Mind blown!  This master engraver from Belgium specializes in engraving luxury watches and custom jewelry.

He trained as a goldsmith but went on to study engraving and ornamental composition.  His meticulous approach to design means he spends "countless hours spent in composition, drawing and re-drawing" all of which is worthwhile as he has won awards.

What is amazing is how rock steady his hand is!  The last image at the end shows a microscope on his bench.  Makes sense as such finely wrought details - with no room for error - can only be created with some sort of visual aid.

Also check out his Instagram. This arabesque style engraving on a Swiss luxury watch. When you see the original Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak Double Balance Openworked ref 15407 watch with the plain strap, you can appreciate how beautiful it is with Bram's hand engraving. The watch becomes stunning and one of a kind.

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