A recycled soda can is a good source of inexpensive metal especially if funds are low or you are a metal work newbie.  The metal is on the thin side but is easy to cut and form.  Check out this great tutorial by Randomona who is not only an upcycling enthusiast but is also a huge Lord of the Rings fan.

She uses just ordinary household tools for this project. But you can also use  jewelry metal shears like these ones and a proper embossing stylus if you already have them.  Love how she scratched out the leaf design with just a push pin. Consider using Mod Podge or  a water based sealer instead of the matte nail polish she used especially if you are a polymer clay artist and already have it!

Be careful when you first cut out the metal as the edges are sharp.  I usually wear work gloves at this step when I use recycled soda cans. I recommend using files or sandpaper to smooth the edges after the trimming step. (This sanding step is not that critical if you use paper punches)

She does use glue to fix the wire pieces to the leaf focal which resulted in large lumps of glue behind.  You could adapt the idea with punched holes and different wiring patterns.

What about soldering?  It it not easy with aluminum.  Check this article for what you would need if you are up to the challenge. 

H/T to Aims for this find.

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