Hand tooled leatherwork is beautiful but Silverclock Costumes takes this craft to new heights with their exquisite hand carved and painted leather jewelry! They are a group of British and Polish artisans whose work is clearly for medieval fairs, costumers and cosplayers. But you don't have to be in those activities to appreciate th efine craftsmanship.

The butterfly and moth jewelry pieces - earrings, brooch and hair barrettes - were the first which caught my eye.  Some of them so resemble the actual hawk moths and swallowtail butterflies at first glance!

The leather artisans are Magdalena (lives in Poland) and Katarzyna (lives in the UK). They are very close friends but living in different countries. Katarzyna said, "We visit each other at least twice in a year but mostly we chat, drink coffee and work together in own workshops ...online:)"

"Our Butterfly and moths collection was the first idea to make a full collection, and our aim is to reach above 100 different types, inspired by nature but designed as a piece of usable jewelry. All of the butterflies are hand tooled, hand painted sometimes with a semi-precious stone. Even if the jewelry piece is big- is also Ultralight and very durable."

The Siamese fighting fish brooch is amazing.  The last picture shows  bracers - arm guards for archers. Magdalena said, "You can hang your pitbull with his teeth on this piece of art! :)"

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