Judging from the comments from last week's giveaway for the Bead Stitching Handbook, I am not alone.  Several of you know all about scurrying to books and the internet for stitch refreshers!

Elizabeth Tiger said, " I am an experienced beader, but don't do the same stitch consistently enough to remember each."  Many of us can also identify with Wayne Wiley's comment, "Just like everyone else, when you haven't done a particular stitch in a while, it takes some help to get the brain cells firing correctly. A reference guide is really useful no matter how many years you have been beading. And when you reach that "certain" age, it's no longer useful, but essential."

The Bead Stitching Handbook is indeed an awesome reference book.

Debra was "disappointed that the origins of each stitch are not mentioned." The book does credit herringbone stitch also known as Ndeble to the South African tribe which developed it - I just didn't mention it in my review.

Please note original inventors of most older stitches are lost in time. Many beadwork stitches are found all over the world. Also bear in mind, techniques may have started in one place but is popularized and perfected in others.

Although we associate peyote or gourd stitch to Native American beadwork, this stitch is and was used by many cultures around the world and from way back in time.  Beaded artifacts from Ancient Egypt show this stitch as well as netting.

I also love the beadwork from the Chimu culture (10th to 15th century) in Peru. The photo of this Chimu necklace made with spondylus and mussel shells with stone beads and mother-of-pearl tabs was taken at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Peyote or brick stitch, I wonder?

So who won this book?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to do the picking. The lucky winner is Diane Burrow!  Congratulations!

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