I have started testing out Starbond glues which I received for review.  Get a 15% discount with this code : BGSB15 This family of cyanoacrylate adhesives consists of specially formulated superglues to be less brittle. They are designed for crafts and lapidary work. You can also purchase the useful Starbond glue including the all-purpose Starbond Medium from Amazon

I previously tried the Starbond Medium glue to attach my bail in this resin jewelry tutorial.  It is an incredibly strong adhesive and bonds instantly.  So be careful and not get it on one's skin!

The glues have a lot of repair uses around the house.... or studio.  One of the handle covers of my flush cutter completely came off. So I tested it out with Starbond Odorless Thin. It is formulated for sensitive users. But I chose it because it is "water thin" i.e. it flows well.

That thinness means I could quickly coat most of the inside of the handle before it sets.  I added a squirt and rotated the cover briefly to spread the glue and then reattached the cover to the cutter handle.  Works!

There was a slight issue. I failed to notice the handle cover actually has holes near the bottom. Duh.  So some of the glue dripped out!

Fortunately I invariably wear a work apron and older clothes when I work in the studio - an ingrained habit from years of working in laboratories. The thin glue dripped on to and actually through my work apron and onto my old grey pants!  A cautionary tale for you. Pay attention and wear protective clothing.

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