Emelie Zakh of Emeliebeads is one amazing designer. She is accomplished in many techniques, notably tatting, beaded crochet, macrame and beadwork. 

What first caught my eye were her beautiful delicate lacy shuttle tatted jewelry designs. She clearly loves working with fine thread and often incorporates seed beads in her work.  Such exquisite work!

I have chosen mostly her tutorials in tatting, bead crochet and beadwork - these will be like taking a master class -  but she also offers other finished designs including some fun barefoot sandals.

Emelie Zach is her online nickname. Her real name is Lyubov Zakharova (if Google Translate is correct!), a mother of 3 adult children.  She is from the Ukraine but has been living in France for over 20 years. At the age of 30 when she was still in the Ukraine, she became seriously interested in needlework.

Emelie explained how she got started, "The choice of materials at that time was limited, and it was still a long way from online shopping. But in our city there was a wool-spinning factory and they produced wonderful yarn for knitting. My twin sister and I decided to start our own business and create knitted things.

So, I, who never held a hook in my hands and bought knitting machine knitting needles, and began to master it. And very soon we began to get very original and beautiful things. We made some part of the product by machine and made all the decoration and decoration by hand."

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She went on to master other techniques like crochet, macrame and embroidery.  When the internet came along, she became fascinated with tatting.  She bought a shuttle and thread and started to learn from Youtube.  The first week was a struggle as she could not manage even a single knot. But she persevered.

Her advice is, as many experts will tell you, to actually start and you learn by doing. Tatting, unlike crochet and knitting, cannot be easily undone if you make a mistake. It helps to  learn from experts so you understand the fundamentals and can execute them correctly. Emelie added, "So that you do not need to relearn, as it was with me. In order to master this, and any other technique, you do not need any special talent, but only a great desire to learn."


Emelie prefers a lightness and delicacy to her creations.  How does she come up with unique designs?
She might be inspired another pattern but she changes many elements, adding more arcs, rings, beads and cabochons. She sketches her own design and adjusts the design as she tats.

Although an accomplished designer, Emelie says she is constantly learning new techniques and from other masters.



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