Polish wire artist, Iza Malcyk is an outstanding designer. I discovered her store, IzaMalczyk, I was looking for a good wire work locket pendant tutorial. They are rare!

But hers is a gorgeous example, which like many of her tutorials teaches you several things and shares many tips. 

Iza explains why her work is so important to her : "Making jewelry is my way of coming back to the happiness of my childhood, to the roots of nature, and, last but not least, to the depths of my soul."

She has been making jewelry for several years.  Her dedication to her craft has certainly paid off as her work is meticulous and gorgeous.

Many of us turn on music when we create.  Iza is no different. She said, "My pieces are inspired by music I listen to with delight (Depeche Mode, Moloko, Jamiroquai), movies which leave me breathless (Pirates of the Caribbean) and books I devour in hundreds of pages (Neil Gaiman being my favourite writer right now). My jewelry may seem a bit dark and mysterious to you but that's what I am. All of us have this sentimental and sometimes decadent fraction of our soul that calls to us. Why not pleasing it with jewels?"

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