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Crystal Earrings Tutorial Using Polymer Clay instead of Resin Clay

I've always used 2 part epoxy resin clay ,which is an adhesive clay, to embed things like crystals. But Gloria Uhler of Domestic Diva Online showed in her tutorial how to use polymer clay instead of resin clay.

Gloria used the Halloween color scheme for her tutorial but you can use any color crystals and in whatever size you wish!

Polymer clay makes sense if you want your earrings to be light.  Resin clay like Apoxie Sculpt which I use,  does weigh more.

The key to her method is Bake and Bond which is a popular polymer clay adhesive.

She used metal frames but you can also do it with any of my wood frames. These are the closest to the same shape as the ones Gloria used :

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  1. Such a neat technique - love that bake and bond! Using polymer clay is really only a couple more steps as opposed to crystal clay and as you say Pearl - lighter in weight.

    You know me - I love playing with polymer clay. Now if I only had the time!


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