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DIY Wood and Bead Christmas Stitch Embroidery Ornament Kits by WonderlandUkraine

Remember WonderlandUkraine?  This amazing craft store has a wide array of kits and organizers. Many of you loved their wood bead organizers, one of which was won in a giveaway.

Anton has a lovely collection of gorgeous and unusual DIY wood and bead Christmas stitch embroidery kits too! The ornaments are child and petproof i.e. they are not likely to break if one falls off the tree!

The technique is beaded cross stitch where only 1 diagonal - with a bead - is made. As the technique is relatively simple, the wooden ornaments make great gifts for anyone who likes to craft but not necessarily have much experience with beading. The kits come with everything needed to complete the project.

Some of the ornaments are designed for a mix of embroidery thread with beads such as this amazing wreath design :

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  1. for 30+ years I've made a Christmas ornament for each of our four sons, so they would have a collection when they left home, now i'm starting on 5 grandkids! these will be treasures! thanks for sharing.

  2. When I see these beautiful designs I wish I still had my store. I know customers would love these! I can imagine displaying them and seeing people's eyes light up when they see them. You could almost imagine them coming up with their own colour schemes.

    I think these guys are wonderful designers!

    I'm looking forward to receiving my bead organizer.


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