Romanian Laura Albu of Passion4Beadwork is indeed passionate about beading.  She clearly has a large variety of beads to work with!  She explained, "I've always loved crafts, painting, modeling clay, making things with my hands. A few years ago I've serendipitously discovered beading and here I am."

She has put those beads to good use! I was first taken with her beaded bib necklaces.  A couple of them use dagger beads. But this Ursids creation below uses 2-hole pyramid, 2- hole bar, 2- hole brick and spike beads besides the common seed beads!

You have to really look at each design before realizing how innovative she has been in putting together many different types of beads.

This Pond Lilies bracelet features 2-hole triangles, super duos and drop beads :

One of my favorites is her undulating circular brick stitch earrings tutorial below.  Note the use of metal rings in the middle.

Another excellent use of metal rings is this Cosmos earrings tutorial where instead of radiating out from the ring, she filled the spaces within :

This 3D vision is part of her Jungle Flower jewelry set which uses Kheops, par Puca beads, 2hole czech triangles, Miyuki drops, 6mm pearls and seed beads.

Spot the honeycomb beads in her Star pendant tutorial :

The Show Must Go On necklace design incorporates honeycomb beads, Kheops par Puca beads and super duos.

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