Not everyone likes long dangles. An easy way to shorten the overall length of earrings is just to switch out ear hooks to stud earrings. This might seem obvious to experienced jewelry makers but my years as an instructor has taught me never to assume everyone knows!

As you can see from the picture below, there is quite a difference in the distance from the ear hole to the component.  The ball stud earrings connects to the component with just a jump ring so the distance is short. The hook style ear wire plus jump ring or pinch bail  makes the component hang by at least twice the length!

The top picture shows one of the Art Nouveau inspired wood cuts coming soon to my Etsy store. This particular design is licensed from a talented graphic designer I admire!

Below is my hibiscus wood cut shown with the two styles of earring findings.  It all comes down to personal preference which one to choose. The longer dangle will have more movement. It is also quicker to put on the hook style ear wires than stud earrings.

Instead of metal stud earrings, consider wood ones especially when pairing with wood cuts!  These are my holed wood stud earrings.  You just glue on the posts with pads at the back. Choose big backs if fiddling with putting on stud earrings is not your thing.  (See my past post for the best glue to use). 

The holed studs are shown teamed up with Simple Leaves Collection (these designs also licensed from other graphic designers). 

There is nothing wrong with using regular ear wires if you prefer wood designs plainer and longer! The pinch bails and jump rings which fit my wood cuts are available in my supplies section.

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