Can beads be delicious?  I'd say so especially if the beads were really like candy!  Columbus, Ohio based Jennifer Sadler of cariadbeads614 has discerning tastes in beads! As well as awesome photography skills.

Shown here are my favorite picks from her Czech beads, Chinese lampwork beads and crystals, and gemstone supplies.  The Chinese crystals like this below are of excellent quality. See how the facets meet precisely at the corners just as Swarovski crystals do?

Jenny has her own finished jewelry shop called JSadlerDesigns.  She says she has had a passion for jewelry making and buying and collecting beads for years and years.

She explained that "Back in the '90s when funky little bead shops were more popular, I co-managed Byzantium in Columbus, Ohio that was seriously a mecca for beaders and collectors from all over the world."

"In all the years working in the arts as a managing editor, writer, marketing and events director, I always wanted to get back into it. In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it turned my world upside down. But it was a blessing in that it shook some sense into me - to just get back into what I love most!"

"My work is inspired by the classic, vintage designs of the '20s and '30s. Locally my work can be found in various salons and shops, including Wholly Craft and the gift shop at the Columbus Museum of Art."

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