One of the easiest to make and arguably one of the most popular types of bracelets is the elastic or stretch bracelets. And very convenient to wear as there are no clasps.

I thought I knew how to make elastic or stretch bracelets. I invariably end up with a large knot collection which then has to be hidden inside an adjacent large hole bead.  I also use glue on the knot!

The UK based Bead Spider instructor shows a better and professional way of making these bracelets. No ugly accumulation of knots. No glue either.

What she does is to form a series of knots along the elastic, not one on top of the other. Only the last two knots are surgeon's knots  - these are modified reef knots with an extra turn through the overhand knot.  The surgeon's knots prevent slippage so there is no need for glue.

She also uses doubled up 0.5 mm elastic.  This makes better sense than using 1 mm elastic as the thinner elastic lends itself well with the knotting process.

Some of you may be puzzled by what she calls a temporary needle.  It is just a split needle or large hole beading needle like these. You can also get them over on Bead Spider if you are in the UK. Hers happens to have come apart and looks like a V.  You could also bend a length of finer wire for the task so long as it will feed through the beads.

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