Don't live near the sea or Great Lakes?  Aren't going on a beach holiday?  You can still get sea glass - just not the authentic kind! You can just break colored glass bottles or save broken pieces and tumble them to dull the edges and to give them the frosted look.  Even broken pottery pieces can be recycled this way.

Use the faux sea glass you make and turn them into jewelry! You can either wire wrap the glass "cabochons" or drill holes. See last tutorial link below.

The faux sea glass tutorial is by Currently Rockhounding.  You do need a tumbler - a useful thing to have to shine up your metal and chain mail work. I have a Lortone tumbler which I like.

The other important things you need are 60-90 Grit for coarse tumbling and some gravel.   As the rockhound says, just using sand alone will give a rather uniform finish. If you like that kind of finish, then go for it. Otherwise the larger gravel stones will be rougher and less uniform on the glass.  You can substitute the quartz gravel for ordinary pea gravel as in this  "recipe" is from Randymi who uses "a handful of pea gravel, a handful of sand, and a cup of 600 grit Powder."  

Tumble the grinding material with some water and the broken pieces of glass for 24 hours.  This is noisy so consider placing the tumbler in a garage or someplace where the sound will not drive you insane!

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