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Make a Polymer Clay Extender Ear Guard for Your Handmade Masks!!

Masks with ear loops are certainly more convenient to use. The alternatives are those which tie behind the head type like the ones I made in this feature on DIY masks and Blue Cotton Towels I wrote a while ago. There are some updates in that post you may have missed.

But ear loop elastic can hurt the ears if worn for a long time.  The solutiona are mask extenders or ear guards for the back of the head to take the strain.

Rozen, a French polymer clay artist has designed one and shared her tutorial.  You can also buy finished ones from her store.

These appear to fit surgical type masks.  So be prepared to adjust her design or the length of the elastic loops for masks you make in order to fit a particular individual.  The polymer clay ear guard could also probably be adapted with more "buttons" to make it useable for more people.

H/T to Aims for this find!

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  1. A good find indeed! I've worn masks now for about 5 years and after an hour they can start burning behind the ears. I can't imagine how health care workers do a 12 hour shift - they must be in so much pain!

    So happy people are coming up with alternatives to help.

    Too bad its taken this sort of thing for these to come about but better late than never.

  2. Those look great! One of my AA friends is knitting little strips and sewing buttons on each end. via email

  3. This is very clever. But I like your thought about putting more "buttons" on the strip to fit different sizes. I just published fancy clay fastener ideas and a mask with clay buttons at


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