The coronavirus we know as Covid-19 affects all of us as it is new to the human race.  Masks are becoming the norm everywhere as we continue to fight this pandemic.  

I'm starting to see some creative masks but none as visually stunning and as varied as those by a remarkable group of Canadian First Nations group of beaders and artists.  See this CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) video on their artistic endeavors.  

Earlier this year, Metis mixed media artist, Nathalie Bertin, who lives in Ontario, wondered why there weren't any beaded masks.  So she asked on Facebook.  She and her friend, Lisa Shepard, eventually  started a Facebook group page called Breathe where the creators can share what they designed. The mask shown above was created by Marlana Thomson Baker. 

Note that these are not medical face masks but are simply artistic expressions. Lisa Shepard said it was about "creating something beautiful at a time that is so challenging and scary." The materials used are incredibly varied - from beads, pompoms to hide. Styles also ranged from traditional Metis to more modern looks.  The elements used often had great meaning to the artist. 

Such is the popularity of the beaded masks that some of the artists are selling their masks. Nathalie herself offers a specially made reusable face mask using the image of her original beaded creation. 


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