Reader Cally Ross inspired this post. She admits she now has a resin obsession. She said in her email - "I've read every blog post you've done on resin and I'm hooked! "

She loves using Little Windows' Brilliant Resin. Cally also sent me pictures of some of her work  - presents for family.  

She laminated her pressed real flowers with great results as the lamination preserves the floral colors. She said : " Sometimes it was difficult to slip the resulting piece into a mold because the edges protruded more than the actual flower did." It is important to make sure the laminated area is cut to less than the bezel you use.  Use the bezel as a guide.

I thought about it but didn't try it. Cally was much more adventurous.  She started experimenting with filling the cells of my laser cut wood lotus pieces for a stained glass effect  As you can see, the colored portion seeped into the clear portion. 

She successfully accomplished this by gluing the bezel to a plastic sheet using clear resin. This creates a proper seal before she poured more resin to complete the project.

Cally was certainly on the right track!  Watch this amazing Russian craftsman create a beautiful stained glass inspired cupboard using laser cut wood and resin. Very inspiring!

The video demonstration is in Russian with English subtitles.  This project took a lot of time in the digital designing and trials before final laser cutting. 

He stained the wood pieces and added an oil based sealer.  He said resin would not stick to it. Good to know if one accidentally spilled some resin on top! 

He also anticipated resin seeping underneath so what he does is introduce some clear resin into each cell, curing that before adding the colored resin. Notice he added a temporary protective acrylic rim around the work to stop the resin from moving outside the pieces.

The result is beautiful especially when backlit with an LED light. 

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