The Hiilos is an exciting clasp system which is not only attractive but also easily interchangeable. This means you need only purchase one main clasp and use it for many bracelets.  The bracelet ends connect to special tubes which can then allow the bracelet(s) to slide into the main clasp.  These individual tubes are very inexpensive so the system saves lots!

The bracelet pictures here are courtesy of UK bead jewelry designer Sian Nolan of SianNolan who I featured recently. She uses the Hillos clasp for some of her bracelet tutorials. Shown above is her Through the Stars Bracelet (tutorial here) looking very elegant teamed with the Hiilos. 

Below, the same bracelet becomes part of a complimentary set using a wider Hiilos clasp. 

Sian also shows the separated components here :

Download her free tutorial on how to attach the Hiilos to beadwork. 

Alison Griffiths of ArgusCollection  explained more about the Hiilos : "The patented Hiilos clasp is a lightweight bit of brilliance from France. Hypoallergenic and made of ABS/PC (the same tough polycarbonate used in 3D printers and automobiles), even the 45mm won't weigh down your bracelet. But don't worry, there is nothing fragile about these clasps. A magnet and small divot at each end of the clasp holds it securely in place."

She also very kindly shared their demonstration on these nifty clasps.  One of the bracelets is a corded design. So the Hiilos is not limited to beadwork

ArgusCollection supplies 3 different sizes in 4 different finishes - rose gold, gold, silver and black.  Shown below is the midsized one - 22 mm. There is also the 11 mm and the 44 mm.  They also have a terrific selection of other kinds of clasps. 

Sian recommends if you are in the UK. 

Thanks Alison and Sian for your wonderful help in getting this post out for the jewelry making community!

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