Still looking for Christmas ornament ideas? I've seen plenty of angel ornaments but the macrame angel tutorial by Peruvian macrame artist Rox Shana is simply beautiful. She also has other Christmas tutorials on her Youtube. There are English subtitles.

You do not have to be a great macrame knotter as the knotting is very basic.  She used a wooden bead and ring. I think a round crystal for the head will also be great for the design.

Note her use of the ancient technique of hiding knots without using any glue when she binds the angel body with a gold cord. 

I find trimming evenly a challenge so I would probably use a cardboard template to help me cut the same on both sides. 

She uses a fabric stiffener spray but she also suggests hairspray if you do not have the former.

Here's the challenge - I see jewelry making opportunities which will require scaling down the bead and hoop size and cord diameter.  Agree?

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