Brooches have made their comeback but the styles and possibilities are now limitless.  One aspiring newcomer is Russian crafter, Gulnara Abdullina of soulebox. She makes the most adorable felt doll brooches! These can be used not just on clothing but hats, bags and backpacks!

Each little doll is delightfully embellished with felt, pom-poms and yarn accessories. There are themes to each design like the watermelon doll above or one of my favorites, the pineapple doll with its spiky hairstyle!  You can guess what the theme might be from the carefully chosen background in each photograph. 

A life long creator, Gulnara remembers converting a small teddy bear gift into a fox as a child. 

She explained :

Now I am an adult, but handmade toys and souvenirs are still my hobby. And presently my handmade masterpieces are unique and the only one of its kind.

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