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Geode and Agate Home Decor by TheCrushedCrystal

Raw crystals, geodes and agate slices are beautiful in their own right.  Canadian Jenny of TheCrushedCrystal clearly loves them as her store is full of wonderful home decor items. An ode to geodes! 

She has an amazing variety - not just coasters, but clocks, platters, napkin rings, candle holders and even wedding decor.  Her signature collection are geode boxes. 

I especially liked how the slices were edged with gold for that special elegant look. 

Wander through her store and you can see her love for crystals with her druzy line of jewelry and even her resin geode art!

Note that her US orders are shipped via USPS from New York. 

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  1. Thanks Pearl for another link to a fascinating artist! What a stunning collection of pieces!

  2. Agates are awesome. Looking at them it makes a person consider the majesty of mother earth and how she has formed them. It's mind boggling.

    I used to make agate sun catchers using the coloured agates. I wonder if Jenny has any info on preserving the colours they are dyed? I had many bright coloured agate sun catchers just fade away to nothing over a year. Very disappointing.

  3. The small ring boxes are fantastic! As are all the other items as well :)

  4. wow, what a clever idea, geode boxes! and beautifully done.


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