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Winner of the Peyote Creator Software Program Giveaway

 Many of you fervently declared how much you needed the Peyote Creator program in your life when I shared my review last week! If you haven't already, you can download a demo copy of Igor's program to try it out.  Just go to the website and scroll down the page for the link.  

The benefits were clear.  Cally Ross said : "Oh my! Ditching the colored-pencils-that-don't-match-any-bead-colors would be heavenly!" Shermytime also pointed out another good reason : "This Peyote Creator would be a real time saver and solve the, “I made a mistake and can’t erase the colors issue”!  And AlexB has "...visions of balls and kleidocycles dancing in my head."

One helpful comment came from ElfinBears who said, "I also use a Mac and use a program called VirtualBox that allows me to run a version of Windows for those programs that won’t run on a Mac."

DaisyKreates has a suggestion for Igor Kotelevskii, the father of Peyote Creator as he likes to call himself. She asked, : "Wish he would make something like this for chainmaille too, like some of the more popular weaves, perfect for inlay maille work."

 I was touched to read how much you all value the time and effort I put in for reviews. 1saucywench said,  "Thanks for taking the time to show a realistic review, one that's specific to your readers." Lynn added, "I want to commend you on all the hard work which must have gone into writing this review. I enjoyed reading about this software even though I'm not doing this type of beadwork at the moment." There is no greater compliment for a blogger when readers still read the entire post even if they are not using the technique! So thank you, Lynn.

Who was the lucky person who won a copy of Peyote Creator Software Program?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking. The winner is Diana!  Congratulations!  Diana - I do not have any email for you. Please email me at ASAP to claim your prize. Otherwise I will redraw next Monday. 

UPDATE : The giveaway was redrawn and the new winner is Catherine Barron (1saucywench). 

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  1. DaisyKreates. Please clarify what is "chainmaille" in your sound: "Wish he would make something like this for chainmaille too, like some of the more popular weaves, perfect for inlay maille work." Any image (jpg file) can be enough.

    1. You can see many examples of chain mail jewelry in my past posts :

      A chain mail program doesn't exist. I think it will be incredibly difficult to create one as the components are jump rings of different wire gauges and inner diameters.

    2. It looks as chain mail program already exists. It is my program BeadCreatorArt (BCA) - see it here
      BCA allows paint by beads on loaded image. You can put bead at any location. You can use different bead sizes at the same design. There can be different bead shape, including bead with hole - something as ring.

    3. The link doesn't work. Having said that, the process of bead stitching is not the same as chain mail. The only way you can do chain mail is to open the jump rings and link them together. So simply designing with a bead program will not work. There are many considerations for jump rings. The wire gauge and the internal diameter is critical for weaves as well as aspect rations - something which your bead program does not allow for.

    4. Pearl, you write that the BeadCreatorArt program is not suitable for your purposes, although you were not able to view it. I don't understand why you would draw such a conclusion without considering the program itself. I will send you a link to download the program to your email.
      BeadCreatorArt webpage locatede on the same website with PeyoteCreator. The website main menu is: "HOME" "ART" "PEYOTECREATOR"...
      2nd item "ART" is BeadCreatorAr webpage

    5. The reason why I am so sure is because beadwork and chain mail are totally different techniques. Beadwork is the formation of patterns. The linking is simply using a thread. Whereas there is no thread in chainmail. The linking has to be with opening and closing jump rings so they close during linking. The dimensions of the jump rings are critical to how chainmail patterns are formed otherwise the weave linkages will not sit correctly.

      Watch my video on how to make a full persian chain mail weave and you can see why a regular beading program just doesn't work :

      Your program nor any other beading program lets the user input wire gauge (thickness of wire) and the inner diameter (i.d.) both of which are important to determine if weaves can be done. There is an important calculation for chain mail called aspect ratio which your program and other beading programs do not include. See this explanation aspect ratio :

  2. Now I know that winner name is Diana. I will create special PeyoteCreator build for her. There will be special line in about box of her copy of the program, something as next
    From the program author to Diana, who is a winner of THE BEADING GEM battle!

    1. Don't create that special build for her just yet as Diana has yet to contact me. She has until Monday to do so.

  3. congrats to Diana! hopefully she finds out she won in time.

  4. Dear PeyoteCreator user!
    Version 1.03.05 realised on April 24, 2021. Added the ability to create a collage by repeating the design by copying it a specified number of times horizontally and / or vertically. This feature can be useful when creating bracelets, etc. See the “Edit \ Repeat Design” main menu item.
    You can download the update from the link located at the very top of the page
    The update must be installed on top of the existing version of the program.


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