I just love listening to The Crafsman - the Bob Ross of the crafting world.  His Youtube channel is not only soothing but you learn many things from him. 

This video tutorial shows how to do basic silver soldering. He demonstrated how he created his scrap metal sculptures. But he does include a pendant example - you can indeed join stainless steel, copper and brass. 

The little pieces of solder can be difficult to get into place. His phrase "Where the heat goes, the silver flows" is a good one as you won't forget how to direct the torch flame!

Safety is another consideration.  He lists in his video description what he uses - a respirator mask - for long periods of soldering.  You can also rig up better ventilation with a fan. It is important as it is not good to inhale burnt flux on a regular basis - some people are more sensitive than others. 

There are such things as solder paste which contains both solder and flux -  but you will have to research which type is suitable and how to use it properly. This article covers using solder pastes with a soldering iron rather than a torch.

Please support him - instructors like him are worthy of encouragement so we can learn more.  There are several links in the video description including for his Etsy store

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